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Human knowledge is like a construction. Every new discovery is a brick in that construction. It leads the building of knowledge higher and higher. But the quality of the material from which that brick is made, that new discovery must be impeccable. Otherwise, our construction is totally or partially destroyed. You can not build a durable house on the sand, it must have a solid foundation. If it does not, your construction will end up drowned in the sand you unconsciously built.


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Misinformation, for knowledge, is exactly like a foundation built on sand. It is unstable and, ultimately, will lead to the destruction of the construction.


It does not blame me for no joking, at least not lately. I was a cheerful person, but my joy was over. My excursion around the sewing entity has opened new horizons. My head was not my health. It was normal, to be healthy and to have my family, my profession and my life. I was not going to snort anybody now. Everyone should do their job where they should. But everyone does their job right? Are you sure?

There are two great classes of false information we are fighting with. Some are false information due to the level of knowledge of the emitting individual, and others are fake information that is deliberately issued to mislead people to obtain material gains or obtain ephemeral glories. The ambition of some makes them willing or not, false information and theories to piss their own pride. Awakening to reality is extremely tough.

This drunkenness, with cold water, of its own thirst for pride that does not do well to anyone, is extremely dangerous for mankind. The fragile brick, mounted in the wall of knowledge, ultimately leads to the discarding of several billiards. Those who are informed, no matter how beautiful and look-appearing in that library, are just simple garbage built on false information. They want or do not want us, sooner or later, we throw them in the trash of history because their value is null since they are deduced from false information. Thinking must go back to caustic principles without too many philosophies, but we need to check all the information on every level. Dogmas do not have a place in modern and real life research.


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