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Are viruses there? Yes, viruses do exist. But somewhere, it's a logical break. The definition of those elements "dangerous to health" does not quite match the normal reason. The fact that viruses are a source of disease is a big lie. Persistence in this lie will do much harm to this world. Wake up from the lie, otherwise you are lost.


Viruses do not cause disease. Viruses are effects.

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Ce sunt, de fapt, virușii?


So what are viruses, in my opinion, an electrotechnical engineer?

1. The virus is a pathogen.
2. The virus is smaller than a microbe.
3. The virus has no reproductive capacity, it is reproduced by the attacked cell.
4. The virus causes disease called virosis.
1. Viruses are parts of our cells, DNA fragments. They do not reproduce. They are produced.
2. Viruses do not cause disease. They are produced in our body with the disease. In same time
I do not want to beat the water in the bottomless skin, I want to conclude.
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