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From our scientific experience, stolen throughout life, from our teachers, , we try to we share methods to combat lies. Do not lie alone, you will not get good results and, especially, prepare to see the lies served by others. They are not your friends. Those who lie to you are your true enemies.


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People like the lies. Sometimes people are lying alone and they really like doing that.

In these articles you will find some of the legends that mankind is anesthetized. I'll try to demolish them.


Every individual judges on the basis of their level of knowledge. Sometimes individuals create their own constructions, based on which they develop theories, sometimes beautiful, but in reality they do not show reality but paint reality, hiding it from an inaccurate theory, and try to adapt it to the theory it has issued -a. This is very damaging and unfortunately is a bad habit of many scholars to develop hypotheses starting from false foundations. This would be fine to stop until it's too late.