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The evolution of the human intellect is an evolutionary cognitive process. It is similar to the evolution of a plant shoot. If it has favorable conditions, a vigorous plant will develop, if not, there will be something there, green and not too much, a wilted and pruned plant. The truth is like the light that nourishes our plant, the plant of knowledge and makes it vigorous, and the lie, the darkness, or rather the lack of light, will cause this cognitive process to be defective. The lie, in which many people indulge, can be treacherous without borders.


"Mens sana in corpore sano" - even the old ones knew the natural order of causation.

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"Positive thinking is a destructive tip. It causes you to be false and dishonest" OSHO


So, what will be the tools that will never fail? Are there such tools?

What is positive thinking? That, to know what we're talking about.

What, specifically, does the above confirm?

What is the effect of these efforts of mine?

"Evidence, estimable, Evidence?" You will shout.

To be healthy, Terra groans under the weight of fools.

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