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Who am I? - my mission and vision . In me, you will have a help and a counselor in everything you do in the hidden areas for the vast majority of people.


My mission. A summary of CURRICULUM VITAE


I am an engineer diplomat on electric domain, a graduate of an elite faculty of the Polytechnic Institute of Cluj Napoca, Romania, 1987. The graduate faculty, electrotechnics, electrotechnical department, opened the horizon. Besides faculty I already have thirty years of experience in the field of electrotechnics and related fields: industrial automation, computers, electronics, mechanics and installations. It goes without saying that you can do it in one direction, but the hilarious poil skill that all current specialists are running for has helped me survive and even perform in some areas. It is not appropriate to finish all my achievements now. I can tell you that my resume is often rejected for the simple fact that I'm hyper-qualified. Many do not think there is such a thing. It's their problem. There is, and the fact that you reject competence, disqualifies you, not me.

Having difficulty in engaging me, at my level of competence, I took, as I say, the bull of horns, and I became independent. I mean, I've got a little bit of a firm I can do to make my living, and I'm doing just about everything I can in the industry.

To see that I'm not just talking, you have the copy attached to my graduation diploma. It is an unusable copy, and the security features are deleted. In addition, the diploma only opens the door. If you do it any further, it does not depend on the diploma but on the person.

These are posted here so that you understand that I have arguments and that I can speak strongly and very strongly about what is inside this Website. If you want more or somehow want to engage in certain projects, contact me and I will send you my full CV in PDF format.

So what is the purpose of this Website?


After 1989, I was also caught up with the fever and the impetus given by the impression of newly gained freedom. I thought I could move the mountains and nothing stands in front of me, no obstacle, no dam. Looking at things retrospectively, I admit, like many others in this country, I was naive. The security, freshly chameleonized in other services and disseminated in almost all of Romanian society, almost kneeled me and, in turn, cut off almost all sources of income. I had to do it. I started working at home like many of my Romanians. I do not complain, I do not hurt, but I can not boast that they can not do well anymore. Survive.

I've avoided for a long time to fight with security burglars. But at this moment they put me on the wall. I only have two choices: either they assassinate me because I reveal the truth and pull out the fog from a world misinformation, or they finish me in a few years without leaving any traces, with the surest way to do the perfect crime, that is, it irradiates me constantly , weak enough to look like a natural death, but sure and steady. So, facing the choice of two evils, I chose to tell the truth, ALL TRUTH, about how the world's population is decimated, constantly and surely. One thing is certain. I will not stop, and those who follow me will survive with me, or we will die for the lives of our successors.

What do you need to understand? Everything here is demonstrated or is a logical and legal deduction from something that has been demonstrated by others before me. Careful! These are not just simple assumptions. Everything is demonstrated by a direct causal relationship. The cause is always before the effect. Removing the cause will implicitly cause the effect to disappear. Do not "treat effects" anymore. It is absolutely useless. The cause will still produce effects. So the only way to solve a health problem is to remove the cause. "Treating" the effect is similar to concealing misery under carpet. This is not healing. This is cosmetic. I prefer to heal myself, even if I look ... not very nice. What do you prefer?

Those who will understand, the ones outlined on this Website, telling them with a hand-to-heart that they will be able to defend themselves against this massive microwave pollution, I will help them. Those who will not understand, or those who can not understand, or, worse, those who do not want to understand, I say only to them: God has done his job. At birth, he gave you the most valuable gift you could ever get. He gave you the brain. Now, in vain you pray, God is busy with others who are born now. Another gift like this is not getting anymore. Use it, if you do not use your brain, you upset God.

Or, more brutally, as only the engineers know, the truth, the rough, the empty truth: I do not feel sorry for the fools.

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