către varianta în Română

days until the beginning of the dangerous period, days to the peak, days to the end of ordeal.

Apocalyptic message? No, just astronomical finding and logical deduction. I'm not a fortune teller. I am an ordinary man with numbers and a fine observer of nature, nothing else.
The "authorities", the so-called authorities, they are just puppets in front of the world occult, but behind them, they are extremely smart and evil people. I don't know exactly what these real leaders are after. I hope with all my heart that I am wrong. I'm not used to writing or speaking without solid, real, tangible, demonstrable and repeatable evidence. According to the latest estimates of these specialists, they helped me to refine my deductions and increase their accuracy. Initially I had an error of +/- 41 days. Well, I reduced it to +/- 7 days, due not only to political events, but also to those felt with my own body. Me and the "cancer patients", in the "terminal" stages, feel the electromagnetic radiation. I'm luckier than them. I am no longer in danger of dying. They are not so lucky. They are victims of the world lie.
Once again, I hope with all my heart that I am wrong. That everything is just a bad dream. I'd rather you think I'm another "crazy" person trying to scare you than this catastrophe happens. Read the following carefully and judge with your own brain. It might help. You might thank me after.

I love math. I always liked the natural order of things and I will never break away from the logic and mathematical clarity of life. Beyond the fantastic and the strange, there is logical, concrete and coherent support. It should predominate planetary thinking patterns. But that's not the case. Medical thinking is a symptomatic thought that extracts man, his body, from the context of the intracellular and extracellular space, from the environment determined, to an overwhelming extent, by a star. That star, the Sun, gave us life and it also kills us.


Spanish flu, an effect. Then what caused the appearance of between 50 and 100 million dead on the entire planet?

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"The things you oppose will persist." Carl Jung. The same is true. No matter how you try to hide it, at one point, it collapses on you.


Statistics of the evolution of Spanish influenza.

Astronomy and energy considerations.

A confirmation of what I said is the graph of solar activity, the number of sunspots

What is a sunspot?

Beware that the Spanish flu is not the only tragic medical event on the planet. Beware of European and Soviet typhus.

Solution and tips for survival.

Measures that could counteract the effects of solar bombing.

  • Strict monitoring of solar activity. Immediate study of the correlations between solar activity, recorded so far and its reflection in important historical events on Earth, wars, crises, epidemics.
  • Emergency restoration of anti-nuclear protection capabilities, useful in the case of this natural bombardment and improvement of their electromagnetic protection. Concrete does not provide adequate electromagnetic protection. The protective layer must be restored so as to sufficiently attenuate this radiation so that the body is not subjected to the electromagnetic stress that brings it to the condition of cardiovascular shock.
  • Identification and arrangement of other existing natural or artificial shelters. These are: caves, salt mines, mines, large buildings with underground parking lots and thick concrete walls, deep cellars under buildings and metal tanks with thick walls and many other such constructions.
  • Fast and correct information of the population, especially since in those shelters the transmitters will represent a huge danger and will be practically useless, the transmission being made difficult by the walls of the shelter.

Message for specialists in telecommunications and energy transport. I know you understand what I'm saying here. Help people survive. Don't lie to them either. They have no one else to guide them. CAREFUL! IT WILL BE WRONG! and we don't have much time. It is about survival as a species. IT'S NOT A JOKE. You can read other people who understand the phenomena. Those who do not, go to specialists to explain. I WANT AS MUCH FEEDBACK AS POSSIBLE. Even if you swear at me. I want to know how we stand.

Be careful in June that you will have massive line breaks. In the years 1986-1987, those of you who remember, it was rumored that the Minister of Economy was shot, probably a rumor, but surely you remember that a large part of the ARDEAL NORD-VEST network fell, it lasted about six hours. until. (I was, then, a student, in Cluj Napoca, I know that it was towards the end of winter, February - March, I don't remember exactly, and that they froze the ovens in several metallurgical plants. Which makes the idiot very likely to be shot.) Well, that date is in my table, the table above. I think you should pay a lot of attention to the Sun. He's doing nonsense this year.

Here is the equivalence of those data from 1918. They can be repeated after nine complete solar cycles with the same allure because we are talking about astronomical phenomena.

As a conclusion.