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I have been struggling for a very long time to bring people's attention to a limit. What is a limit phenomenon and why is it so hard to grasp? Somehow resembles the physical limit of an object, but the complexity of the object must be the approach. For those who know little mathematics, it resembles the limit concept of the Mathematical Analysis that is taught in the upper classes to the high schools in Romania.


Wireless Communication Chain - Limit phenomenon

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Only reasoning and logical deduction can help us understand the dynamics of a limit phenomenon.


Please watch the next movie carefully. It shows how a phenomenon, which the individual does not perceive as a danger, a phenomenon that unfolds slowly, compared to a rapidly unfolding phenomenon, as this slow-moving phenomenon can become a deadly trap, for that individual in an event of energy growth around him. Its thermoregulation mechanism will try to keep it in functional, vital parameters, as long as it can compensate for the energy surplus received. When this extra energy gets beyond the thermoregulation mechanism, the cell's boiling effect occurs and the body dies.


Why is this limit heat transfer phenomenon dangerous?