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When I was at school, the stuff I loved was physics . She opened the mysteries of the universe, expanded my knowledge horizon, broke the boundaries of my limited knowledge, and physics saved me from death.


Wireless Communication Chain - Physics

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Logical demonstrations on scientific bases

In order to support our work, to reveal the hidden and uncomfortable truths for the villains, please donate as much as you think. The purpose of this money is to purchase recording devices for this pollution, sophisticated and extremely expensive appliances. This website is maintained and maintained on the waterline with my personal effort. It will work as long as I breathe, and at the same time, I will publish scientifically proven, factual information based on causality and motivation, the only real motors of mankind. The equipment is not necessary to prove me. I have proven everything I say. The apparatus is necessary to protect innocents by demonstrating to the authorities the world genocide to which I am forced to assist helplessly. In other words, ... I speak alone.