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Your brain needs correct information . Only in this way can you defend yourself from the harmful things you buy and to whom you expose, almost, voluntarily. Has no one informed you that the transmitters are dangerous? You did not know that? Well, they're extremely dangerous, and sometimes you keep one running, near the brain.


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The communications chain


Everyone communicates? To speak, everyone speaks. To hear, I hear all. But, do they all know the power and purpose of communication? Communication takes place only between two entities, people or devices that are granted. In free translation, I speak the same language. Providing speech to the level of knowledge of the interlocutor is the art and the true purpose of communication. I mean, to everyone, you have to talk to him about it. If you do not, you have an endless monologue. I mean, in popular language: SINGLE SPEAKING


Understanding and listening to yourself has several factors. What do you capture the attention of the interlocutor? Only something that interests him. Okay, but if that thing, which surely interests him because his very existence is in the game, far exceeds his level of knowledge, what are you doing? Well, I'm trying to answer this question for three years in bacon. It's hard to break through a thick layer of technical incarnation. And it is not the fault of the interlocutor that he is not trained in this area. But his teachers simply left him disarmed to the bastards.


All good and beautiful, but why does the individual play with something dangerous for him? Where's his instinct for conservation? Why does not he see the truth? This is because, those bastards who sold his dangerous toy, only showed him advantages when presenting the object. The dangerous parts have deliberately omitted them. Did not anyone tell you that next to your cellular phone, your cells, living entities, will react to harmful microwaves, and this defense reaction bears a generic name for cancer? If no one told you so far, you'd better read on this Website. If you think stronger than microwaves, and immune to their action, I can only help you and assure you of all my compassion. Your family's condolences, because it does not matter if they are kneeling. We are not built to withstand the harmful action of microwaves .


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