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Such pollution, at this level, you have never met. Electromagnetic pollution must be understood . No one can defend her effects unless she is ready. None of the normal senses highlight this misery.


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Electromagnetic pollution - steps to the right protection


Man has five senses. With these senses it integrates in nature and transfers information with the natural elements. Normal senses evolved on the basis of the natural elements that existed in the universe close to the human being at non-dangerous levels. The human senses, the five, are the following: vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch . All these senses have developed organs specialized in detecting these informational elements. All these senses have their limited scope of detection. But what do you do when the limits of these domains are overcome? For this, Nature, or God, gave us the brain with which we defend ourselves from the hidden dangers of these senses. The brain has helped us to create devices that extend the limits of our senses. He helped us understand the hidden nature and create devices to highlight what we do not distinguish with normal senses.


Microwave radiation is not present in the natural radiation spectrum that reaches ground level on Terra . This is due to the two radiation belts, called Van Allen belts. They are formed by the presence of the Earth's magnetic field that captures the solar wind energy and blocks the propagation of waves of certain frequencies. So, the absence of certain frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum has allowed the outflow of life from the sea. Seawater, water in general, does not allow the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Life was protected in the seas and oceans of the Earth by this beneficial property of water. In the absence of these frequencies, organisms out of the sea have not developed defense mechanisms for those frequencies that do not exist in that spectrum. Evolution of animals outside the seas and oceans took place in millions of years. If anyone is naive to believe that mankind will adapt to microwave pollution for two generations, I tell them, with conviction, that this will not happen so soon.


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