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The world health system is a health hazard. The work of a doctor is, first and foremost, an investigative work. The doctor, the doctor, is a detective in the service of health. A detective who does not judge may favor the escape of his offender, and, more seriously, the punishment of an innocent. Today's medicine is a medicine that no longer removes the cause of the disease. Today's medicine treats symptoms, effects.


The danger of symptomatic medicine is only that you will be eternally ill.

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The cause of the disease is not eliminated. The disease is not healed.


"Noli turbare circulos meos!"(Do not ruin my circles) It was the sentence that brought, according to legend or history, the death of Archimedes, the famous mathematician and physicist of antiquity.

The awakening of the lie was, and is, very painful.

Well, the energy used chaotically and without discernment is a determining factor in the occurrence of cancer-like reactions in animal cells, and energy is invisible and undetectable with natural senses. The energy can only be measured. That's why doctors are disarmed. Their information and concepts end here. From here begins the field of physicists and engineers.

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