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Who doubts we are directly from the monkeys? People are far inferior to monkeys. At least the monkeys adapt to the environment where they develop and live. There is no exaggeration. People are monkeys because they monkey, they do not think.


Influenza, as doctors, is an infectious disease. I have fallen into the same misinformation trap until I have had some flu shot, whose cause I have identified very precisely.

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Let's do a little bit of history, and in the case of flu.

  • The A H1N1 influenza virus, which caused the SPANISH FLU during January 1918 - December 1920, infected 500 million people, estimated 50-100 million people -3% of the world's total population).
  • The A H2N2 influenza virus that caused the ASIATIC FLU between 1956-1958 does not even know the number of people infected, but the death rate is estimated at 1 -4 million people .
  • The influenza virus, which caused the HONG KONG FLU in 1968-1969, does not even know the number of people infected, but the death toll is estimated 1-4 million people like Asian flu.
  • The A H5N1 influenza virus (but in fact a multiple virus virus) that caused the AVIATION FLU over the period 2003-2014 with 701 cases of disease and 407 fatal cases , 58%, but with an extraordinary hysterical presentation across the world.
  • The influenza virus of the type A H1N1 / 09, which "caused" SORENSION FLU in 2009-2010. Virus combined, according to doctors, of avian influenza virus, human influenza virus and swine flu virus. infected 10-200 million people estimated 18500 confirmed by laboratories but 150000 total estimated .
  • he combination of H3N2, A H1N1 and B viruses, which causes "SEASONAL FLU affecting 5-15% of the world's population, in 340 million and one billion people, and deaths are estimated at 250000-500000 people a year, every year, ... every year.
  • What is flu, personal arguments, tested on my own body. Who does not believe to repeat my experiences.

    1. First personal experience first signs of question.
    2. Second personal experience, the worst. That day I was very close to suffocation death.
    3. The third experience, one not as violent as the previous one, but almost exactly the same, with the difference that it kept a little.

    So, my definition of the flu. It is a definition that results from my own experience and is not copied from anyone.


    What are the viruses? What about these "organisms"?

  • Thus viruses are cells, cell fragments and DNA caused by the destructive action of electromagnetic radiation of cells of the living body, animal, plant, or insect. Plants are more resistant due to their color. Breaking the cells takes place harder. The water protects them from drying.
  • The biggest argument against the existence of viruses as the cause of influenza is the very legacy of doctors who REPRESENT, PROMISE GRAPE . Think about it, according to the theory of viruses there should be periods of incubation from person to person, probably 2-3 days. Is not that what doctors tell us about taking flu from sneezing drops? So, according to this theory, human- to-human propagation would have incubation delays, which would not make it possible to transfer to millions of people deprived of time and space. Instead, solar-and-galaxy electromagnetic theory does not need either incubation period or propagation vector, radiation itself is a cause and propagation method. In addition, the energy flow from a huge source, a star, suddenly covers huge surfaces on Earth.
  • Under the conditions of solar radiation, in the absence of water, any unicellular organism, bacterium or other is STERILIZED, that is, it dries, loses water and dies.


  • Do you want your beasts, animals, insects and plants to come back, never to make a flu? Then restore the natural electromagnetic environment around them.
  • In addition, if you want to forget about the flu and never have the flu anymore? Re-design homes, animal shelters, including electromagnetic protection against cosmic radiation randomly spread across the Earth's trajectory. In this way the irritation caused by natural, cosmic radiation, as well as artificial irritation created by witches of smartphones, televisions and virtually anything that works with electricity, will be diminished, and your body will become more and more healthy.
  • Protecting yourself will forget about many diseases, which in fact are different stages of radiation illness. I will enumerate some, without much mistaking. (I'm interested in, at least, the opinion of the medical specialists). Plague, flu, cholera, leprosy, organic diseases, diabetes, hepatitis, pancreatitis, obesity and many more will become historical diseases if we know what to do to protect ourselves from the invisible environment.
  • Observe the cycling of the tip of the flu. Influenza has an annual cycle, but it seems to have another multi-year cycle, about 12 years when large-scale epidemics occur. 1920 Spanish flu. 1920 + 12 = 1932 the great world crisis, they did not have flu weather. 1932 + 12 = 1944 Even when everyone was fighting, I do not think they had time for the flu. 1944 + 12 = 1956 (1956-1958) Asiatic flu. 1956 + 12 = 1968 (1968- 1969) Flu Hong Kong 1968 + 12 = 1980. No major events. 1980 + 12 = 1992. No major events. 1992 + 12 = 2004 Avian influenza 2004-2016 Swine flu and swine fever.2004 + 12 = 2016 It seems that the tip of the flu will be in 2019-2020. That half-year gives an error. I did not study for these things, I just looked at the table with the big epidemics of flu known on Earth. Here is a need for verification, given that this correlation has never been made between disease and Earth's position in the galactic electromagnetic field God help us that we are small in this universe.
  • If I were at the mercy of the doctors and their methods, I was dead now. So ...Learn physics, quantum physics if you want to have the chance to adapt to the environment and, moreover, even protect and prolong your fragile life with which all Christians are playing.

    Think. This does not hurt you in any way.

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