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From our list of articles you will realize the danger of massive microwave pollution these days. Arrows will help you navigate between chapters


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Diseases that can be generated and are a consequence of prolonged microwave exposure:

Articles about diseases and how they can be induced by microwave exposure.


Man, before the pollution appears, is born, lives alive and dies of old age or disease caused by germs or parasites . It would be right to say that he could die from beasts, other people, or from accidents he produced or from natural stunts, but in most cases he died of natural causes, even if killed, the cause of death was from its natural surroundings, from the natural environment. Technology, in addition to its ability to adapt to nature and the progressive relief of human labor, has brought with it many hidden hazards. Examples are everywhere in modern history. One example gives you here: Everyone enjoyed enormously the discovery of the phosphorescence of radius, in order to prove, in time, that that cute element is deadly.

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