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From our list of articles you will realize the danger of massive microwave pollution these days. Arrows will help you navigate between chapters


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Radiation disease.

Articles about radiation illness, how to identify an affected person. How do we cure ourselves?


Electromagnetic radiation has always scared people wholeheartedly . Those who realize how important it is not to be contaminated with radiation are very few. Being unreadable with normal senses, most people ignore the danger and expose themselves to harmful radiation, far beyond the supportability of living cells. This leads to curious defense reactions, and the individual, along with the entire flock of doctors, are not prepared to manage this disease. She has appeared on Earth for a long time, certainly, before the appearance of life. People began to become aware of the dangers of radiation only when the scientists who were working on the atomic bomb began to crumble and the launch of the two atomic bombs at the end of the Second World War ended the talks.

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