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Only those who have suffered or have vast experiences can give advice. I, personally, have the experience of passing death. Date May 14, 2014, is my date of enlightenment. I was on the death list. I escaped. If you want to get rid of yourself, you do not have to listen to me. Think of your head, for your benefit. This does not hurt you.


Tips for safe use of the transmitters around you.

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There are many who believe that they are immune and that they can not be affected by microwave energy. However, here are some tips for using transmitters under relative safety conditions.


How to protect yourself from exposure to microwaves produced by electronic devices?

General rules:


Rules for populated areas:

In the populated areas we need to take more safety measures. This is where our neighbors' devices and our devices are being attacked. If our devices can be controlled and it is enough to follow the highest, those of our neighbors are harder or even impossible to control.

Rules for isolated living quarters (remote places):

There is another phenomenon in isolated areas. Due to the large distance between the transmitters, the human hand transmitter, the cellular phone, emits high radiation levels to reach the relay relay some 5 km away. Here, in isolated areas, their own devices create the premises of serious radiation contamination. The energy shock is very high for human cells. Serious and large tumors will develop.
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