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People began to play with God's toys. Fire, energy, is the divine tool. When you play with fire, why do you wonder that the fire burns? This question is intentionally put in this way. Where's the fire? The fire is in the hands of every individual cellular phone carrier. Fire is the transmitter in the cellular phone. He burn.


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Radiation disease - cold burn


First of all, please let go of what others are trying to get into your head. You are here because nobody has found an explanation for your illness. You are here because you've searched everywhere and nothing helps you. In vain you pray to God to make you healthy. God has already done his job. God has given you the brain to use it. God does not want you stupid. Instead, I am a bastard who plays with your mind. That's why you can not find a cure for you. When you start thinking with your own head, you may have the chance to be healthy.

I will give you bad news and good news. The bad news is that what makes you suffer is much worse than you can imagine. The good news is you're not sick. It may seem very crazy about this, but I tell you with all seriousness. You are not sick. Are you crazy? The first time I tell you it is much worse and now I tell you that you are not sick. It seems paradoxical not? ... well, there is nothing spectacular or fantastic here. You are not sick. You are burned. Yeah, you're burned alive, and the burn is not sick and it's certainly worse than a disease. In the case of burns, the body has only one variant, replacing the burned tissue with new tissue. This if given the time to repair us.

The burning energy has multiple sources and has been present in the universe for a very long time. Some claim that our whole universe is created from these electromagnetic radiation in different forms. We will not discuss here. There are a lot of physicists to prove this. It's not our job. We must understand, however, that these radiation interact with us and the cells of our body. This interaction is invisible and sometimes unserviceable at the macroscopic level. Instead, our cells are directly involved in the fight with radiation and develop curious forms of reaction. These forms are normal for a man who thinks physically. For doctors, who have never liked to learn math or physics, these forms are presented as a disease.

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