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Frying a chicken in the oven, everyone knows it, is called the steak. Roasting of live cells due to exposure to radiation is called contamination. The two phenomena are equivalent. Nobody has gotten down from a rugged rug to tell us how it was, but we are all, more or less, in a huge radiant oven, now especially microwave.


Symptoms of radiation contamination.

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Those who talk about radiation contamination need to know how this contamination is recognized.


Symptoms of radiation illness compared to diseases used as a screen and disinformation

A number of diseases are used to hide radiation illness. Symptoms are the same as severe sunstroke, but the energy comes from a source other than the sun. Radiation disease has always been on Earth. It can come from natural sources, the sun or radioactive ores, or from the artificial sources listed on the radiation illness.

Also because of the immense misinformation we can not be sure that all the symptoms of the diseases used as a screen are highlighted.

The "cold burn" symptom or radiation illness compared to other physician diagnoses
symptomregionradiation illnessSunstrokeMorgellons fibromyalgiaLupusLyme multiple sclerosisCRPS
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painful or swollen jointsmembers 
spasms, pain, muscle cramps members 
abnormal blood clottingcirculation      
gastrointestinal problems (burns) digestive  
pain in the duodenum, stomach, intestine, colon digestive 
loss of appetitedigestive   
a constant hungerdigestive   
extreme fatigue, exhaustiongeneral
specific sensitive pointsgeneral
permanent paingeneral
fever, high temperaturegeneral 
swelling around your eyes, feet and hands general    
precipitated breathgeneral    
fattening (not eating too much)general   
sleep disturbancesgeneral  
depression, anxiety, depressed mood general  
inflammation of the gangliageneral  
sensitivity to lightgeneral  
local or partial paralysisgeneral    
stiffness in the morninggeneral    
headache, confusion, memory loss head  
eye problems, decreased vision quality head   
hair loss, bleaching or pronounced damage head    
tooth dropshead     
dizziness, faintinghead 
blurred or double viewhead   
thinking problemshead   
incompetence or lack of coordinationhead  
loss of balancehead   
problems of speech and swallowinghead   
throat stiffhead       
difficulty concentratinghead  
poor memory and low concentration capability head    
lung problemsorgans     
heart problemsorgans    
kidney inflammation, kidney problems organs  
problems with the pancreas, diabetesorgans       
liver problems, hepatitis, cirrhosisorgans        
thyroid problemsorgans        
bone problems, fragility, and painful portions oase       
excessive sensitivity to coldskin        
changing the color of the skinskin   
drying of the skin and extremities, drying in the colon area skin     
skin lesions that get worse in the sun skin    
real bite "ox eye";skin         
local heatskin   
injuries to the mouth and throatskin