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In scientific research you have to follow a precise path. You have to be very rigorous and scrupulous in what you do. Comparative statistics are displayed on this page, they are the ultimate proof that there is a very close link between the energy around living organisms and the defense reaction called, improper illness, cancer . The only issues that I have come up with are the arrangement of countries in four latitude groups and their ordering according to household consumption per capita.

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  • 3. Lung Cancers
  • 5. Alzheimers/Dementia
  • 10. Breast Cancer
  • 12. Pancreas Cancer
  • 13. Prostate Cancer
  • 15. Lymphomas
  • 16. Stomach Cancer
  • 19. Endocrine Disorders
  • 21. Leukemia
  • 22. Liver Cancer
  • 23. Parkinson's Disease
  • 25. Bladder Cancer
  • 27. Oral Cancer
  • 28. Ovary Cancer
  • 29. Oesophagus Cancer
  • 31. Diarrhoeal diseases
  • 32. Skin Cancers
  • 36. Uterin Cancer
  • 38. Cervical Cancer
  • 40. Skin Disease
  • 42. Multiple Sclerosis
  • 43. Asthma
  • 45. Anemia
  • 49. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • These results are obtained with the modest means I have at the moment, but with a lot of science. Do you realize what I can do if I have financial resources? Probably that's why I do not. I would be too dangerous for those polluters. God help us that we live hard and curious.

    Here are the primary data. So far I have a secret source, just say it's an internet site.

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