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A collection of texts that, although very comprehensive, has a big problem, is not attractive, tells the truth too brutal and too technical. There is inexorably information, with tons of volumes and a huge number of pages, and this book has a lot of pages if it is not read and, especially understood, is useless. As long as the information does not scratch the brain, as long as it does not ignite the spark of understanding in the recipient's head, it is a useless effort, it becomes an object of record, yet a fool who cares about my health, you will say. The problem is that there is no documentation. The problem is that there is no coherent channel for transmitting information. There is a transmitter, but the receivers are not tuned to the transmitter.

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Massive microwave pollution would not have been possible without misinformation. They go hand in hand. When misinformation falls, and it will fall short, see how nervous we will have on the planet.

The book is not an object of decoration.