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Do you complain that you do not have radiation measuring instruments? Here's how the eggs respond to microwave pollution. White is in two layers with different features.

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Drawing the carousel below, you will browse the set of photos with the eggs bought by my wife in Kaufland Baia Mare, 430031, 288 George Coşbuc Street, shortly before 03.07.2018. Do you notice the pronounced separation of the white, its stratification? This is due to microwave exposure, and those 2-3 mm of white is different in color and consistency to the inner table of the white. This white exterior volume is pre-inflated in external electromagnetic pollution. When throwing the eggs in the pan, that layer spreads and forms the low area of what you see in the pan of the picture. The other layer of white is more viscous and appears higher when baking eggs.

In the case of boiled eggs, the pre-cooked outer layer boils first. Separation appears clearly between the two layers, and the exclamation shows the interesting exfoliation. Use of photos without my written permission is prohibited.

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Please look at these matters with great responsibility. My goal is not the challenge of food panic and I just want to unite the factors involved in the production and trade of eggs against the common enemy. WARNING Eggs are not dangerous for human consumption, but EGGS ARE ALTERED! They no longer correspond to the appearance and physical conditions of the commercialized egg. Please do not play with fire. Fire burns!