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I confess, frankly, I have no patience to read all the nonsense. I do not say for a moment that this article would be stupid. I have read until the first inertia. From there my brain refuses to go. The 2.45Ghz frequency is used for killing cancer cells. The 2.4Ghz frequency is the frequency that the lowest channel of the Wi-Fi emits, the others being far above the frequency, up to 5.9GHz. If cancer cells or not, they are killed by low frequency. What do you think is happening to the other cells? Dance happy? Let's pollute the microwave ether in the Domenille communications. Why do you wonder that you are sick?

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Thousand inverse thought has done much harm to mankind.

"Okay, you're smarter. All the others are wrong, are you right?"

What do I have with this article? What troubled me?