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For now, there are timid world-wide attempts to fight for the dangers of malicious microwave. Here's an example of an approach to justice. I'm glad I'm not the only one, but these approaches, from disparate points of view, are doomed to failure. Apart from the explanation and dissection of physical phenomena, any other action, legal or medical, is doomed to failure. They will be taken in the derision. The approach on this website is a normal one. It explains the phenomenon, identifies the causal source of the phenomenon, explains the degree of hazard, explains how the microwaves act on living cells, explains the limit phenomenon, an action that happens extremely slowly. Yes, I agree that solving will be done only in court. But only by a multidisciplinary approach we will defeat the great capital, greed and culture raised to unitary rank, of virtue. Professor, please bend this web page. Here are the weapons you can defeat. Our brain is the most powerful weapon. After reading what I have said, you will agree that we need to reset some sciences and rebuild them on causative grounds. Medicine, is one of them. Doctors treat effects. The cause remains there and generates infinitely other effects.

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On packs of cigarettes, why do they say they are harmful, and do not write on the cell?