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For a long time I have avoided dealing with this subject. Why? Just like that. I think it's not my job and I do not pack myself where I do not master the notions. I would not even have commented anything now, if I did not get over an American article with a few suggestive pictures . Some babies with blond-skinned skin, just like my adult skin, and I have not had a vaccine for at least 37 years.


Are Vaccines Dangerous?

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So, some things do not fit into this hysteria of the vaccines.


And yet there is no smoke-free fire.

How is things going on in the little child body?

I hope I do not have to show you how classic photography works. There have been dozens of generations who have taken pictures. Only at the end of the day did we all forgive everyone and forgot that there are phenomena of exposure, revelation and fixation. God help you, dear children, no more stupid cellular mothers. So whoever yells against vaccines does not scream for nothing. The vaccine does not produce those reactions on the children's body and even their death. It is, only trigger factor, CATALYST.