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The shocking truth, put under too long, will come to light and we will overwhelm with the horrors and the hardness of reality. Think positively? How can you think positively when we have such horrors on the planet. Those people live among us. They are living evidence that life struggles to exist. They are not cursed. Why do not we do something to eliminate the cause for which they are so? Do not be any more. We may only want to.


Technological education can eliminate malformations and some of the infirmities at birth.

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Symptomatic thinking is the greatest sin of mankind. Treating effects leaves their active cause, and it will produce effects at all times.


The truth will not be long before it appears to us. But will we be able to look at it? Will we have the ability to get over the pride, over the misinformation, over the comfortable illusions, and see the naked truth? Or we will continue to hide garbage under the vow of hope that this can not happen to us.


In order to support our work, to reveal the hidden and uncomfortable truths for the villains, please donate as much as you think. The purpose of this money is to purchase recording devices for this pollution, sophisticated and extremely expensive appliances. This website is maintained and maintained on the waterline with my personal effort. It will work as long as I breathe, and at the same time, I will publish scientifically proven, factual information based on causality and motivation, the only real motors of mankind. The equipment is not necessary to prove me. I have proven everything I say. The apparatus is necessary to protect innocents by demonstrating to the authorities the world genocide to which I am forced to assist helplessly. In other words, ... I speak alone.